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Online Marketer & Consultant

Hey there! My name is Jordan and I am an Online Marketing Consultant. I have worked as a Digital Marketer and Web Developer for 5 years. Before and during some of those years I worked as a Webmaster, Custom Software Designer & Programmer, and a Well Water Computers & Data Technician for the government subsidized GWUDI program in the Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands.

I have since then worked with clients like KATE'S REAL FOOD, STAFFORD LAW OFFICEWESTERN WARRIOR MUNITIONS, and PARADISE SPRINGS FARM as an online marketer or web developer in Eastern Idaho. 

I am honored to be an online marketer or web developer that you are interested in working with. Whether you are in Eastern Idaho or on the other side of the world, I look forward to helping you grow your customer base, increase your online sales, or simply get you a website online that is optimized for your business.


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